A little introduction

My name is Austin Miller, 20 years old, and an avid motivationalist and athlete. I created this blog to help raise health awareness among individuals to be active and healthy. I hope that throughout my experiences (training and competition) I can motivate you in choosing a healthy lifestyle.

I strive to help my community by setting good example and running races that benefit charities. By inspiring you to do the same, we can help others and our community to live a healthier life and live a brighter tomorrow.

Where I started

You might question whether I have always been an athlete; no. But that is why I hope to inspire you to do the same. There was a point in my life where i was excessively overweight, 220lbs, my eating habits were terrible, I did not exercise whatsoever, and smoked. However, in contrast to my bad health I have always had a strong character.

At the time, my friends in college mostly all skinny and fit. I would occasionally play basketball or soccer with them. Summer 2010, after some relationship issues, I decided it was time to change my outlook on life. Only after some help from my friend, Neil Mosser, I began exercising on a regular basis and getting involved in on-campus recreation. On a spring afternoon, only after losing my first thirty pounds, I was at a local pizza joint with my friend Garret Jaynes when we jokingly started talking about running a marathon. (On my bucket-list, I had always wanted to run a marathon but never really thought it was possible given my state.) Quickly though, the conversation tempo turned into more of a challenge than a joke. On that day, Garret and I decided we would run the Fort Worth Marathon and its been history ever since.

Where I am at

As of today I have complete 3 Marathons: Fort WorthGalvestonCowtown and have completed 1 half marathon. Every race my time has improved, my personal recod being 3 hours 37 minutes at the Cowtown 2012. I work out on a regular basis, and enjoy running outdoors at a local park, River Legacy Oaks.

Today I weigh 155 pounds and feel great. My energy levels are high, my confidence is strong, and i feel that my will power is greater than that of an ordinary person. I am currently training for Triathlons and one day hope to do an Ironman.


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